Ondulation Mirror

Year of design: 2018
Design by: Mireille Wehbe
Description: Crystal extra clear mirror,
polished brass and black metal material
Dimensions: Ø 1200 mm

Sinusoidal wave frame in painted tubular metal material surrounded by polished brass reflective material. the mirror design reflect the functionality of modernism and the visual harmony that could be achieved through the traditional notion of a repeated decorative element : the butterfly which has become world-wide the iconic symbol of resurrection and transformation. the mirror was designed to highlight the idea of the"Reflection"  which is the image of the viewer on an artistic surface. it's about Art with a Function.it’s a visual art and design that aim to transform the functionalism of an object into a sensual and exciting design .It is important to realize that any form is always metaphorical, never totally metaphysical . the frame detail is created using the “ondulation pattern” it is the action of transforming and moving smoothly up and down, it is a movement  in waves .